Buy Waec Scratch Card Online – How to Buy Waec Result Checker

Buy WAEC Scratch Card Online

Waec Scratch Card

An overarching question that wearies the minds of many students in Nigeria is “where do I buy WAEC scratch card online?” Students going for screening are also bedeviled with this same challenge. Graduates going for job interviews have also asked the same question. Even Prospective Corp Members have the same question on their lips: “Where do we buy WAEC scratch cards online?”

So today, we will be taking this burden off your shoulders by answering the question of where and how to buy WAEC scratch cards online.

Firstly, the WAEC scratch card is a property of the West African Examinations Council, and is made up of 12 digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) and another 12-digit Serial Number that can be used to access SSCE results from 1989-date. It is one of the most popular result checkers as the WAEC result is acceptable even outside the shores of Nigeria.

Where to buy WAEC Result Checker

Visit Zikora Stores or any other reliable Card Store like Cegital.  Our card stores contain legit, genuine and valid cards that can be used to check and also verify results online.

How to Buy Waec Result Checker Online

• Step 1: Visit or other trusted reliable partner sites like Cegital. Scroll right down to where you see the WAEC card  image. Click on BUY NOW or PURCHASE.
• Step 2: Select the amount of scratch cards you would like to shop for .
• Step 3: Type in your name and telephone number and email. This is so we have an address to deliver your scratch card or token to, if need be.
• Step 4: Click on PAY. Payment has been made flexible. We have several payment options for you to choose from.  You can pay via Debit/Credit Card, Bank Transfer or USSD Transfer. All that’s required is the sufficient amount in your Bank Account to make payment.

Your WAEC scratch card is ready for use.

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